Cheap Tiffany Rings This is so crazy

March 27th, 2014

Tiffany pittman pregnant Since when does someone in jail for murder allowed to just leave to go to counseling and out for a burger?Especially with a family member?I'm sure this is a stab in the heart for the victims family.She already has one child she isn't able to raise and now another.This mother needs to be charged with something.Her daughter didn't go to jail for missing a rent payment she drank and got behind the wheel of a car and killed Tiffany Bangles Sale an innocent man. I don't care what anyone says, and i'm sure all of her friends will chime in about what a good person she is, just like they do on facebook, fact is she's a piece of trash.This speaks volumes about her character, and her mother's also.Another child that won't have it's mother around to raise it because she's a prisoner, what a shame. Taxpayer wrote: Cheap Tiffany Rings This is so crazy i can't believe it actually happen.Who was paying for the cousenling sessions, who will now pay for doctors visits an prenatal care, who Cheap Tiffany Earrings will foot the bill for hosiptal birth, an who will raise this child and feed an cloth an educate it?Take a guess taxpayers i'm sure.I for one an tired of paying for everything. It's sad that she was trusted enough to go for therapy and this is what comes from it.She sat right there on the stand told how sorry she was for what happened to my brother jimmy harper.She wasn't to sorry and now she has a baby on the way.It breaks my heart cause she will have a new life and we had one stole from us.Our lives will never be the same so why should hers.Her sentence is definately not long enough.I do pray she learns a lesson.As the harper family we will have this void forever!I would love to say alot more but i don't believe in the bashing as her so called friends have my baby brother.Be careful what you say and call yourself by your name as i have.One sweet day baby brother


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